Public Service Data from the United Kingdom

Public Service Data AliasgTLD HoldergTLD SubdivisiongTLD SponsorLocal Affiliate Helena Ascension and Tristan Da CunhaAscension Island Reserved CodeGovernment of St. HelenaNetwork Information Center (AC Domain Registry) c/o Cable and Wireless (Ascension Island) KingdomBritish Indian Ocean TerritoryNominet UKIO Top Level Domain Registry Cable and Wireless KingdomCayman IslandsNominet UKThe Information and Communications Technology Authority KingdomEuropean United Kingdom Reserved Domain GBNominet UKGB - Reserved Domain KingdomFalkland Islands MalvinasNominet UKFalkland Islands Government KingdomGuernseyNominet UKIsland Networks Ltd. KingdomIsle of ManNominet UKIsle of Man Government KingdomJerseyNominet UKIsland Networks (Jersey) Ltd. KingdomMontserratNominet UKMNI Networks Ltd. KingdomPitcairnNominet UKPitcairn Island Administration KingdomSaint Helena Ascension and Tristan Da CunhaNominet UKGovernment of St. Helena KingdomSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsNominet UKGovernment of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) KingdomTurks and Caicos IslandsNominet UKMelrex TC KingdomUnited KingdomNominet UKNominet UK KingdomVirgin Islands UKNominet UKPinebrook Developments Ltd