Agency Identifiers (notes)

seq Agency AgencyHomePage Acronym altAcronym fedAgencyID
1Administrative Conference of the United States
2African Development Foundation
3Agency for International Development
4Army Corps of Engineers
5Broadcasting Board of Governors
6Commission on Civil Rights
7Commodity Futures Trading Commission
8Corporation for National and Community Service
9Department of Agriculture
10Department of Commerce
11Department of Defense
12Department of Education
13Department of Energy
14Department of Health and Human Services
15Department of Homeland Security
16Department of Housing and Urban Development
17Department of Justice
18Department of Labor
19Department of State
20Department of the Interior
21Department of the Treasury
22Department of Transportation
23Department of Veterans Affairs
24Election Assistance Commission
25Environmental Protection Agency
26Export-Import Bank of the United States
27Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
28Federal Communications Commission
29Federal Council on the Arts and Humanities
30Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
31Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
32General Services Administration
33Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries
34Marine Mammal Commission
35National Aeronautics and Space Administration
36National Archives and Records Administration
37National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform
38National Endowment for the Arts
39National Endowment for the Humanities
40National Science Foundation
41Nuclear Regulatory Commission
42Office of Personnel Management
43Office of Science and Technology Policy
44Office of the United States Trade Representative
45Peace Corps
46Railroad Retirement Board
47Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board
48Securities and Exchange Commission
49Small Business Administration
50Social Security Administration
51Surface Transportation Board
52Tennessee Valley Authority