These pages are extracts of a data base in preparation.

When Public Spaces are classified/subdivided with URI's the search with Regular Expressions, is problematic, especially when the classification system depends upon Code Pages.

Membership Lists have three states.

It is difficult to determine excluded but otherwise potential members of the Class unless the two types of failure are distinguished, especially if the underlying Code Page contains Subdivisions with codes of their own. The following examples take this into account. The Organizations can "impose their will" upon Public Spaces in one way, and one way only - by manifesting a search pattern which includes all interior spaces available for classification.

The Audience of Public Sector Organizations in Public Spaces
The Audience of Private Sector Organizations in Public Spaces

Search Results

After the list of applicable search patterns has been made, a table of subdivisions can be searched. The Galapagos Islands are a division of Ecuador. They do not occur any other real place. Maps indicate the position of the Islands relative to other entities, but the identification "passes through" Ecuador. It is common in the Entertainment Industry to speak of "discovering" talent. This is not that. Every subdivision of Ecuador is "discovered" simultaneously.


The Public Domain of the United States includes Federal Territory located within subdivisions.

United States

Both France and the United Kingdom have long standing relationships with far-away regions. Spain retains some territories well off "mainland" Europe.


United Kingdom


The topography of the South Pacific promotes a bureaucratic collection of agencies - the "many shots with beer chasers" theory of conquest.


New Zealand

Any enumeration of Public Spaces (Agencies) depends on a Federalizing Authority (Bureaucracy) to control names of communities. The communities may be autonomous, that is, they can be their own Agency but communities cannot have identity unless some entity fulfills both roles. Directives from "above", the Organizations in the first section, can be obeyed, or not, without any community identity crisis.

Search Patterns and Static Metadata