The Public View Data Base

"The Public View" lists the agencies with federal advisory committees and provides a browse interface to the agency priority goals for those agencies having goals designated as such. The data base demonstrates several features desireable in releases of Open Government Data.

... based on a complete set of Agency identifiers.
There are always going to be several Agencies which have no goals or objectives in the priority lists. Even a prolonged absense from the priority lists is not a performance indicator per se. Yet the identifiers should persist until the mission of the Agency is accomplished.
... designed to be reused and archived
Open Government Data Sets often share an information space having very persistant keys, as opposed to indexed "News". Agency organizational labels typically persist for years, and major areas of focus can persist for centuries. The Public's expectation is that oversight is not a risk nor is secrecy a cost of doing business.
Specific performance indicators may vary with the nature of specific priorities, and the performance indicators need not become a required periodic report.
... does not contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
Many Agencies are tasked with mixed responsibilities. They may collect the Public's personal information for a specific task. The Public's expectation that information collected had attached a transparent Agency business need from the beginning, Agency business needs are satisfied, and obvious needs are not secret.
By virtue of their role as holders of business information, Agencies are targets of opportunity for the unscrupulous. The re-tasking of business information, a business information after-market, can make an Agency complicit in violations of the Public Trust. Forewarned is forearmed, and data retention periods should be as short as possible to prevent development of an after-market.

The Public View - Agency Priorities