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In this case, the term reuse means more than simple permalinks. It means that the federalized list of identifiers is complete and lists of properties are an outer table join. While this is more "expensive" than an inner join, it is the only sure way to prevent temporarily inactive Agencies/Names from disappearing from the map and reappearing in a different role with different meta data descriptions. The common practice of using variable length acronyms in place of Names hides the reality that the code space of the federalized list is conserved.

The data base design is as applicable to US Federal Government Agencies as it is to Bus Stops or Bicycle Sharing Locations. For example, the meta data for inter-modal routes can be described as a federalized list of "stop" ID's. To a user or an App, the stops appear to have the same function, although they may join together the efforts of several different Municipal and Private Sector stakeholder entities. Applications become considerably easier to maintain and are robust enough to acommidate minor changes to stakeholder entity operations. This could be done ellegantly with an RDF abstraction, but at the cost of educating the stakeholders that a Bus Stop is an RDF abstraction when they already knew it was a Bus Stop.

Agency Identifiers ...

The code space of the US States and Territories (2 Alpha) is exactly the same size as the code space for the ISO 3166 Country Codes. There are collisions in the code space, but not the name space. When Agency acronyms are treated as codes, collisions in code space can be resolved with Names.

The Agency Identifier code space contains Resource Names (URN's)

Table Downloads ...

One SQL Zip File contains 6 Tables including the Agency Identifier Table (agency) mentioned above.

6 Tables (Table Structure Only (TEXT (SQL))

The intermediate table (allobjectives) is a UNION of stratgoal (Strategic Goals (Title, NULL)) and stratobj (Strategic Objectives (Title, Description))

The working table (publicview) is an OUTER JOIN of (allobjectives) ON (agency)

The working table (publictrust) was prepared in the same fashion from a collation of the Agency/Committee Interest Catagories (=Title) and Areas (=Description) from the FACA data base.